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10 Forest names that mean forest for girls, listing Forest baby names 1-10. Keitha, Kimberly, Liana, Rima, Shawnee, Silvana, Silvia and Sylvia are popular names. Arden and Vallombrosa are uncommon names. View Forest baby names below for name meanings or search Forest names for boys.

Arden ... "Great forest." Literary: the Forest of Arden in Shakespeare's "As You Like It" was a magically beautiful place ... [6]

Keitha Feminine form of Keith (Scottish, Gaelic) "forest". [1]

Kimberly ... Cyneburg was an Old English personal name meaning "royal forest" ... [22]

Liana ... Name of a vine common to tropical rain forests ... [8]

Rima ... Rima was an elusive maiden of the South American rain forest who spoke the language of animals and birds.

Shawnee ... Name of the tribe that came from the eastern American forests and migrated westward ... [2]

Silvana ... "Woodland, forest." ... [3]

Silvia ... "Woods, forest." ... [13]

Sylvia ... "Woods, forest." ... [23]

Vallombrosa ... Name of a forest resort near Florence, Italy ... [1]

Related words: bush, chase, forests, grove, park, plant, wood, woodland, woods. Partial list of 10 results related to forest below. Click on above related words for more results.

Cherith "Stream bed." ... [3]

Asenath ... Also possibly from Aramaic meaning "thorn bush" or from an Egyptian name meaning "gift of Isis". Biblical ... [1]

Ilka ... Writer Ilka Chase. [2]

Liana ... Name of a vine common to tropical rain forests ... [8]

Delaney ... "From the alder grove." ... [11]

Darby ... "Deer park." ... [7]

Acacia ... The plant was named in the 16th century with the Latin form "acacia" of Greek "akakia". Biblical ... [14]

Sesame The seed and flavoring agent. [3]

Acacia ... acacia wood was used to build the Arc of the Covenant. Sometimes ... [14]

Laufeia ... "Wooded or leafy island." ...

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