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Fourth Names

35 Fourth names that mean fourth for girls, listing Fourth baby names 1-20. Agnes, Anastasia, Annis, Beatrice, Candace, Catherine, Clementine, Cleopatra, Dacia, Delta, Eulalia and Fabiola are popular names. Abra, Anani, Aphra, Arcadia, Arsenia, Cassia, Cordula and Euphemia are uncommon names. View Fourth baby names below for name meanings or search Fourth names for boys.

Abra ... Also the name of a fourth-century French saint. [4]

Agnes ... The popular Saint Agnes (fourth century) was a young Roman virgin martyred by the Roman Emperor Diocletian ... [75]

Anani ... "Fourth-born child."

Anastasia ... Popular in Eastern Europe in honor of a fourth-century saint who was martyred at Sirmium in Dalmatia ... [47]

Annis ... Anysia is the name of a fourth-century Thessalonian saint ... [8]

Aphra ... It was also the name of a fourth-century German saint ... [3]

Arcadia ... the name of two saints (fourth and fifth century) ... [1]

Arsenia ... Saint Arsenius (fourth century) is famous for the saying ... [3]

Beatrice ... in the early fourth century ... [24]

Candace ... An ancient hereditary title used by the Ethiopian queens before the fourth century ... [29]

Cassia ... the name of a fourth-century French saint ...

Catherine ... All these meanings might have been associated with Saint Aikaterine of Alexandria (fourth century) ... [211]

Clementine ... Clementine (or Clementina, the Latinate form) was the name of the 11000 virgins supposedly martyred with Saint Clementina in the fourth century AD ... [13]

Cleopatra ... Also the name of a fourth-century Palestinian saint. [7]

Cordula ... A fourth-century virgin saint of this name was ... [3]

Dacia ... saint's names from the fourth and sixth centuries ... [1]

Delta ... Fourth letter of the Greek alphabet ... [1]

Eulalia ... Name of a celebrated fourth-century Spanish saint. [9]

Euphemia ... Early Christian name and the name of a fourth-century virgin martyr ... [13]

Fabiola ... Saint Fabiola (fourth century) was an energetic Roman matron who organized the first hospital for sick and needy pilgrims ... [9]

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