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Girlfriend Names

6 Girlfriend names that mean girlfriend for girls, listing Girlfriend baby names 1-6. Lois, Minnie, Molly, Nova and Olivia are popular names. Faline is an uncommon name. View Girlfriend baby names below for name meanings.

Faline ... The name of Bambi's girlfriend in the Disney cartoon. [4]

Lois ... Superman's girlfriend Lois Lane.

Minnie ... Mickey Mouse's girlfriend Minnie. [1]

Molly ... "moll" had meant a prostitue or a gangster's girlfriend ... [5]

Nova ... Novia is also Spanish for "girlfriend". [2]

Olivia ... Olive is associated with Popeye's scrawny girlfriend, Olive Oyl ... [24]

Popularity of Girlfriend names: Lois, Minnie, Molly, Nova, Olivia