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Page 5 of 6. 104 Goddess names related to or that mean goddess for girls, listing Goddess baby names 81-100. Nikita, Parthenia, Rhiannon, Selena, Shyla, Sylvia, Terra, Thalia, Thea and Venus are popular names. Nike, Norna, Oba, Pallas, Pomona, Semele, Sesheta, Tea, Themis and Uma are uncommon names. View Goddess baby names below for name meanings.

Nike ... Greek mythology: name of the goddess of victory ... [1]

Nikita ... the Greek goddess of victory ... [5]

Norna ... Mythology: the goddess of time. [1]

Oba ... Name of a goddess of rivers.

Pallas ... the Greek goddess of wisdom. [3]

Parthenia ... Athena was one of three virgin goddesses of ancient Greek mythology ... goddess of the moon, and Hestia ... goddess of the hearth. [6]

Pomona ... Mythology: the Roman goddess of fruit trees.

Rhiannon ... "Great queen, or goddess." Mythology: the title Rigantona "great queen" is borne by a Celtic goddess of fertility ... The Welsh horse goddess is described in legend as dressed in shining gold and riding a pale horse ... [14]

Selena ... Selena was the moon goddess ... [30]

Semele ... Her name may derive from the name of an early Greek earth goddess ... [2]

Sesheta Egyptian mythology: Sesheta was the goddess of the stars and the patroness of writing and literature.

Shyla ... Hindu mythology: one of the names of the goddess Parvati. [1]

Sylvia ... Rhea Silvia was an ancient nature goddess ... [23]

Tea ... Also possibly variant of Thea (Greek) "goddess" or short form of Dorotea (Greek) "gift of God" ...

Terra ... Mythology: the Roman earth goddess ... [5]

Thalia ... goddesses who were the embodiment of beauty and charm ... [7]

Thea ... "Goddess." ... the Greek goddess of light ... [3]

Themis ... Mythology: Themis is the goddess of justice who is often depicted on civic buildings as a majestic female with a pair of scales to weigh the fate of mortals. [3]

Uma ... One of the names of the Indian goddess Sakti ... [1]

Venus ... Roman mythology: the goddess of love and beauty ... [4]

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