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Page 1. 44 Good names that mean good for girls, listing Good baby names 1-20. Abigail, Agatha, Angel, Angela, Audrey, Beryl, Bess, Bonita, Bonnie, Buena, Carey, Cari and Dorcas are popular names. Adonia, Aggie, Bonfilia, Cinnamon, Debonnaire, Devi and Eudocia are uncommon names. View Good baby names below for name meanings or search Good names for boys.

Abigail ... described as "good in discretion and beautiful in form" ... [42]

Adonia ... "Extremely good looking." ...

Agatha ... "Good, honorable." ... [25]

Aggie ... "Good, pure." ...

Angel ... The influence of the word "angel" makes the name an affectionate term of address for a good (or pretty) little girl ... [3]

Angela ... The word "angel" is also used as an affectionate term for a good (or pretty) girl ... [47]

Audrey ... due to lace and goods sold at Saint Audrey's Fair in England ... [17]

Beryl ... The beryl was considered a token of good luck. Biblical ... [7]

Bess ... who was known as "Good Queen Bess" ... [2]

Bonfilia ... "Good daughter."

Bonita ... Also possibly the feminine equivalent of the male name Bonitus (Latin) "good" ... [5]

Bonnie ... From the Scottish word "bonnie" and also diminutive of the French word "bonne", meaning "good" ... The old nursery rhyme claims that "the child who is born on the Sabbath Day/is bonny and blithe and good and gay" ... [17]

Buena ... "Good."

Carey ... and Latin "carriarus" for an occupational surname for those who moved goods ... [2]

Cari ... and Latin "carriarus" for an occupational surname for those who moved goods.

Cinnamon ... scenting fabrics and household goods ... [3]

Debonnaire ... meaning "of good lineage". [2]

Devi ... who is known by various names according to her exercise of power for good or ill ...

Dorcas ... Biblical: a woman who "abounded in good deeds and gifts of mercy" ... [3]

Eudocia ... "Good thought." [7]

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Popularity of Good names: Abigail, Agatha, Aggie, Angel, Angela, Audrey, Beryl, Bess, Bonita, BonniePopularity of Good names: Buena, Carey, Cari, Dorcas