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Greece Names

11 Greece names that mean greece for girls, listing Greece baby names 1-11. Doria, Doris, Isadora, Melissa, Parthenia and Zoe are popular names. Arcadia, Filia, Heladia, Ionia and Tecla are uncommon names. View Greece baby names below for name meanings or search Greece names for boys.

Arcadia ... Also originally the place name of a mountainous region in Greece which came to symbolize the home of simple and rustic pastoral happiness, and later ... [1]

Doria ... Place name: an area in Greece ... [10]

Doris ... Place name: an area in Greece ... [16]

Filia ... Popular in Greece. [1]

Heladia ... Greece is also known as the land of the Hellenes. [1]

Ionia Place name: refers to the Ionian Sea and the Ionian Islands off Greece. [3]

Isadora ... a popular name in ancient Greece ... [2]

Melissa ... The name was used since ancient Greece ... [30]

Parthenia ... The Parthenon of Athens, Greece ... [6]

Tecla ... The name is popular in Greece. [7]

Zoe ... Popular in Greece ... [8]

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