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2 Guide names related to or that mean guide for girls, listing Guide baby names 1-2. Guida and Valkyrie are uncommon names. View Guide baby names below for name meanings or search Guide names for boys.

Guida ... "Guide."

Valkyrie ... Mythology: the attendants of Odin who guide the heroes slain in battle to the feasting hall on Valhalla. [3]

Related words: adviser, ancestor, angel, counsel, counselor, dean, director, doctor, don, editor, explorer, eye, guard, guardian, hand, head, ideal, inspiration, lead, leader, light, messenger, model, order, pioneer, point, run, scout, shade, shadow, shape, shepherd, show, sign, spirit, vision. Partial list of 18 results related to guide below. Click on above related words for more results.

Monica ... May be from Latin "monere" meaning "to advise" ... [10]

Alura ... "God-like adviser." ... [3]

Monica ... "Advisor." ... [10]

Cameron ... Scottish Highlands clan surname derived from the facial feature and based on the nickname given a valorous ancestor ... [23]

Agnola ... "Angel." ... [2]

Yumiko ... "Arrow child."

Blaise ... The alternate spelling of Blaze probably refers to fire instead. [4]

Ariana ... Political commentator Arianna Stassinopolous. [7]

Iona ... Orchestra conductor Iona Brown.

Didi ... Actress Didi Conn. [1]

Albreda ... "Elf counsel." ...

Hildreth ... "Battle counselor." [1]

Judith ... movie critic Judith Crist ... [16]

Alice ... daughter of the Dean of Christ Church, Oxford ... [100]

Lilith ... she was turned into a demon and Eve was created to take her place. [1]

Caprice ... an animal whose sudden changes in direction and jumps indicate capriciousness ... [5]

Agnes ... film director Annest Holland. [75]

Ancina ... Saint Ancina (16th century) was a doctor of medicine and philosophy.

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