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Ice Names

5 Ice names related to or that mean ice for girls, listing Ice baby names 1-5. Chrystal, Crystal, Janice, Krystal and Shayla are popular names. View Ice baby names below for name meanings.

Chrystal ... "Ice." [1]

Crystal ... "Ice." ... [75]

Janice Derivative of Jane with the suffix -ice from names like Candice and Bernice ... [19]

Krystal Variant spelling of Crystal (Greek) "ice" ... [24]

Shayla ... Olympic ice skating champion Shae-lyn Bourre. [12]

Related words: china, crown, flat, glass, hail, head, hit, silk, smooth, snow. Partial list of 15 results related to ice below. Click on above related words for more results.

Damaris ... "Calf; to tame; gentle." ... [19]

China ... [2]

Anuhea ... "Cool fragrance."

Adeola ... "The crown brings honor." [2]

Mesa ... Geography name: flat-topped hill in southwestern America ... [2]

Tundra Geography name: a frozen artic plain. [1]

Alice ... Made famous by the heroine in Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" (1865) and "Through the Looking Glass" (1872) ... [100]

Ave ... "Hail."

Caprice ... From Italian "capriccio" which originally referred to a feeling of horror causing the hair to stand on end (in Italian "capo riccio", meaning "hedgehog head") ... [5]

Charmaine ... The name found some popularity due to The Bachelor's hit song "Charmaine" in the 1960s ... [27]

Ivory ... [3]

Laura ... [Lolly] [59]

Pilar ... a reference to a marble pillar connected with an appearance of the Virgin Mary ...

Neva ... Actress Neve Campbell. [4]

Satin ... [1]

Popularity of Ice names: Chrystal, Crystal, Janice, Krystal, Shayla