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15 Jesus names related to or that mean jesus for girls, listing Jesus baby names 1-15. Alta, Anna, Bethany, Chantal, Ignacia, Jesusa, Jordan, Madeline, Naomi, Talitha, Thomasina, Tiffany and Veronica are popular names. Annunciata and Salvadora are uncommon names. View Jesus baby names below for name meanings or search Jesus names for boys.

Alta ... the mother of Jesus. [2]

Anna ... a devout woman who saw the infant Jesus presented at the temple in Jerusalem ... [18]

Annunciata ... when the Virgin Mary learned she would be Jesus' mother ... [5]

Bethany ... the name of the village near Jerusalem where Jesus stayed during Holy Week ... [10]

Chantal ... devoted at first to charity and later to teaching and devotion to Jesus ... [73]

Ignacia ... founder of the Society of Jesus, or Jesuits. [3]

Jesusa ... Derived from Mary de Jesus ...

Jordan ... The river in Palestine where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist ... [23]

Madeline ... whom Jesus healed and who was present at his crucifixion. Literary ... [63]

Naomi ... Biblical: an ancestress of Jesus and mother-in-law to Ruth ... [10]

Salvadora ... Refers to Jesus Christ.

Talitha ... Biblical: a reference to the resurrection of Jairus's daughter when Jesus said, "Child, arise" ... [5]

Thomasina ... began as a nickname for one of the twelve disciples of Jesus in the Christian scriptures ... [14]

Tiffany ... The feast commemorates the day when the three Magi saw the infant Jesus ... and thus their visit to the baby Jesus is the "revelation of God" to the non-Jewish world. Now ... [17]

Veronica ... She was said to have offered Jesus a cloth to wipe his face as he faltered on his way to crucifixion ... She obtained a miraculous "true image" (in Latin "a vera icon") of Jesus' face on the cloth ... [32]

Top 1000 ranking of Jesus names: Alta, Anna, Bethany, Chantal, Jesusa, Jordan, Madeline, Naomi, Tiffany, Veronica

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