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Kind Names

10 Kind names that mean kind for girls, listing Kind baby names 1-10. Adelaide, Alma, Pandora, Penelope and Twyla are popular names. Atifa, Brigantia, Daya, Sloane and Tirion are uncommon names. View Kind baby names below for name meanings or search Kind names for boys.

Adelaide ... "Noble kind." ... [57]

Alma ... "Nourishing, kind; soul; young woman; learned." ... [2]

Atifa ... "Kind." ... [3]

Brigantia ... a kind of pirate ...

Daya ... A kind of hawk known as a kite. [1]

Pandora ... and every kind of humankind's ills flew out ... [6]

Penelope ... The name is also possibly derived from the Greek name "penelops" for a kind of duck that was said to have rescued and nurtured Penelope when she was exposed to die as an infant ... [8]

Sloane ... where a particular kind of young ... [1]

Tirion ... "Kind, gentle." [6]

Twyla ... a kind of cloth ... [4]

Related words: christian, affectionate, amiable, brand, capital, character, clan, class, clement, color, complexion, fair, family, famous, fine, generous, gentle, genus, good, gracious, grain, healthy, helpful, house, kindly, loving, merciful, nature, noble, order, patient, pleasant, race, regal, royal, shape, spirit, splendid, system, temperament, tender, tribe, virtuous, warm. Partial list of 10 results related to kind below. Click on above related words for more results.

Abilene ... and also in early Christian times ... [4]

Angel ... The influence of the word "angel" makes the name an affectionate term of address for a good (or pretty) little girl ... [3]

Winsome ... "Agreeable." [1]

Amabel ... "Lovable, amiable." ... [5]

Precious ... also a reference to the "precious blood of Christ". [2]

Yasmin ... model Yasmin Le Bon ... [10]

Brandy ... Brandi is also an Italian surname form of Brand, meaning "sword" ... [35]

Bridget ... Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Brighid (pronounced "breed"). Mythology ... [72]

Philadelphia ... Known as the City of Brotherly Love ...

Asuncion ... Also the name of the capital city of Paraguay. [1]

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