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Lion Names

10 Lion names that mean lion for girls, listing Lion baby names 1-10. Ariel, Leandra, Lenna, Leona, Leonarda, Leonie, Loni and Tawny are popular names. Berengaria and Kefira are uncommon names. View Lion baby names below for name meanings or search Lion names for boys.

Ariel ... "Lion of God." ... [11]

Berengaria ... The wife of English King Richard the Lion-Heart.

Kefira Feminine form of Kefir (Hebrew) "young lion". [4]

Leandra ... "Lion man." ... [8]

Lenna ... "Lion's strength." ... [2]

Leona ... "Lion." ... [11]

Leonarda ... "Lion strength." ... [4]

Leonie ... "Lion." ... [10]

Loni Variant of Alona or Leona (Latin) "lion" ... [6]

Tawny ... the warm sandy color of a lion's coat. [10]

Related words: david, roland, samson, brave, celebrity, charge, chief, constellation, cross, crown, dignity, eagle, field, figure, fur, garland, helmet, hero, heroine, horse, idol, immortal, leader, metal, oak, painter, pale, personality, power, rock, rose, shield, star, tiger, worthy, wreath. Partial list of 10 results related to lion below. Click on above related words for more results.

Brisa ... the Greek name of the woman loved by Achilles in Homer's "Iliad". [7]

Abigail ... Biblical: the name of King David's third wife ... She referred to herself as David's "handmaid" ... [42]

Leanna ... and thus the name may be a feminine variant of Leo or Leon ... [11]

Clarice ... which may have meant "fame" (from "clarus" meaning famous"), but as a given name probably an elbaoration of Clara. Also an Ebglsih form of the French Clarisse, which is a form of Clarissa. It was borne by a character who appears in some versions of the medieval romances of Roland and other paladins of Charlemagne. [15]

Delilah ... Biblical: the woman who beguiled Samson into revealing the secret of his superhuman strength. [4]

Sloane ... "Man of arms, warrior." ... [1]

Azure ... [7]

Bernadette ... "Strong, brave bear." ... [32]

Althea ... Tennis celebrity Althea Gibson. [9]

Faline ... also means "in charge" in Irish ... [4]

Popularity of Lion names: Ariel, Leandra, Lenna, Leona, Leonie, Loni, Tawny