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64 Love names that mean love for girls, listing Love baby names 41-60. Jaime, Leilani, Logan, Love, Marian, Mercedes, Mina, Myrtle, Philomena and Phyllis are popular names. Kalina, Kama, Kerensa, Lubomira, Milada, Phaedra, Philadelphia, Philomela, Seraphina and Sheherezade are uncommon names. View Love baby names below for name meanings.

Jaime ... "J'aime" is the French expression for "I love" ... [6]

Kalina ... Also an Australian aboriginal name that originated with the Wemba Wemba tribe of Northwestern Victoria with the meaning "to love" ... [4]

Kama ... "Love; ripe."

Kerensa ... "Love." ... [3]

Leilani ... It symbolizes regard and love for the person to whom it is given. [1]

Logan ... She was called by her last name rather than her first by her love interest on the show. [1]

Love ... "Love, affection." Surname. Singer Courtney Love. [3]

Lubomira ... "Person who loves peace." [1]

Marian ... Robin Hood's love Maid Marian ... [6]

Mercedes ... the name of the lost love of Edmond Dantes in Dumas's "The Count of Monte Cristo" ... [3]

Milada ... "My love."

Mina ... "Love." ... [6]

Myrtle ... Botanical and nature name based on the evergreen shrub that was sacred to Venus as a symbol of love ... [9]

Phaedra ... who was married to the hero Theseus and fell in love with her stepson Hippolytus ... The tale of Phaedra's dark and guilty love has inspired playwrights from ancient to modern times. ... [7]

Philadelphia ... Known as the City of Brotherly Love ...

Philomela ... after becoming involved in a bloody and vengeful love triangle with her sister and brother-in-law ... [1]

Philomena ... "Powerful love." ... [6]

Phyllis ... Greek mythology: a character of this name dies for love ... [13]

Seraphina ... They have six wings and are known for their zealous love ... [7]

Sheherezade ... He eventually fell in love with her. [4]

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