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Loyalty Names

3 Loyalty names that mean loyalty for girls, listing Loyalty baby names 1-3. Lela and Marianne are popular names. Fidelity is an uncommon name. View Loyalty baby names below for name meanings or search Loyalty names for boys.

Fidelity ... "Loyalty." ... [10]

Lela ... Also refers to "loyalty" in French.

Marianne ... Shakespeare gave the name Mariana to a woman noted for her loyalty in "Measure for Measure" ... [10]

Related words: business, charge, devotion, faith, fidelity, fire, heat, homage, patience, piety, place, respect, service, spirit, truth, warmth. Partial list of 17 results related to loyalty below. Click on above related words for more results.

Lydia ... a Christian woman called a "seller of purple" and described as a woman of business, probably affluent ... [5]

Faline ... also means "in charge" in Irish ... [4]

Constance ... then by the Puritans (usually as Constant or Constancy) ... [30]

Chantal ... devoted at first to charity and later to teaching and devotion to Jesus ... [73]

Joy ... to whom being "joyful in the Lord" was an important duty ... [14]

Jena ... "Endurance; little bird." ... [1]

Charity ... "and now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity. See also Faith and Hope. [27]

Fidelity ... [10]

Aidan ... "Fire." ... [6]

Etana ... "Firmness, long-lived." ...

Chuma ... "Warmth, heat."

Arena ... 19th-century Americans may have named their daughters Arena as homage to Christian martyrs who were killed in the arenas of ancient Rome.

Shawnee ... There is a town in Kansas named Shawnee Mission ... [2]

Azaria ... probably in honor of the biblical prophet who recalled King Asa to a proper observance of religion ...

Griselda ... Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio's use of the name in a tale about an exceptionally patient wife has made the expression "patience of Griselda" proverbial ... [17]

Chantal ... a woman of great piety who adopted a strict religious life and founded an order of nuns, the Vistandines ... [73]

Aberdeen ... Place name: city in northeast Scotland.