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Page 1. 89 Mary names that mean mary for girls, listing Mary baby names 1-20. Alena, Alta, Ann, Annamaria, Asia, Assunta, Asuncion, Bernadette, Bethany, Carmel, Carmen, Concepcion, Consuelo, Dolores, Fatima, Genesis and Guadalupe are popular names. Annunciata, Immaculada and Jancis are uncommon names. View Mary baby names below for name meanings or search Mary names for boys.

Alena ... is the town in Palestine that was home to Mary Magdalene in the Christian scriptures. [1]

Alta ... a reference to the "high grace" of Mary ... [2]

Ann ... Saint Anne (mother of the Virgin Mary) ... [96]

Annamaria Combined form of Ann and Mary ... The popularity of this blend may originate in Roman Catholic veneration of Saint Anne and Saint Mary ... [3]

Annunciata ... when the Virgin Mary learned she would be Jesus' mother ... [5]

Asia ... See also Fatima, Khadija, and Mary. [7]

Assunta ... "Assumption (of the Virgin Mary into Heaven)." ...

Asuncion ... "Assumption (of the Virgin Mary into Heaven)." ... [1]

Bernadette ... Saint Bernadette Soubirous (19th century) was a French peasant girl who had visions of the Virgin Mary and uncovered a spring near Lourdes where miraculous cures are sought ... [32]

Bethany ... being bestowed in honor of Mary of Bethany ... [10]

Carmel ... The monastery was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and Carmel became one of the names taken from Marian titles (see also Dolores and Mercedes) ... [45]

Carmen ... One of the titles of the Virgin Mary is Santa Maria del Carmen ... meaning "Saint Mary of Mount Carmel" ... [28]

Concepcion ... Concepción is used mostly in Latin American countries to honor the Immaculate Conception and the Virgin Mary ... [11]

Consuelo ... From the title of the Virgin Mary ... [6]

Dolores ... Refers to the Virgin Mary as "Mary of the sorrows" ... [11]

Fatima ... See also Aisha, Khadijah, and Mary ... The name is sometimes used by Christians in honor of "Our Lady of Fatima" due to a vision of the Virgin Mary in 1917 by three Christian children in Portugal. [5]

Genesis ... Virgin Mary of Turin ... [11]

Guadalupe ... Refers to Mary as Mexico's "Our Lady of Guadalupe".

Immaculada ... the doctrine that the Virgin Mary ... [4]

Jancis ... First used in the novel "Precious Bane" (1924) by Mary Webb ... [2]

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Popularity of Mary names: Alena, Alta, Ann, Asia, Assunta, Bernadette, Bethany, Carmel, Carmen, ConcepcionPopularity of Mary names: Consuelo, Dolores, Fatima, Genesis, Guadalupe