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34 Medieval names that mean medieval for girls, listing Medieval baby names 1-20. Adela, Alison, Amelia, Ava, Cecily, Christian, Christiana, Claire, Clarice, Clarissa, Colette, Constance, Courtney, Emma and Felicia are popular names. Bliss, Cass, Christabel, Clarimond and Clemence are uncommon names. View Medieval baby names below for name meanings or search Medieval names for boys.

Adela ... an ancient name popular in medieval Europe because of the fame of a seventh-century saint ... [10]

Alison ... Common in medieval times ... [26]

Amelia ... Blend of two medieval names ... [46]

Ava ... medieval given names ... [7]

Bliss ... Bliss and its variants date from medieval times. [3]

Cass ... Medieval and modern short form of Cassandra ... [2]

Cecily ... From the medieval vernacular form of Cecilia. [5]

Christabel ... Medieval coinage from the name of Christ with -bel (see Belle) ... [13]

Christian ... Christian and Christiana were used for women in medieval times ... [17]

Christiana ... Medieval learned feminine form of Christian ... [20]

Claire ... founder of a Franciscan order of nuns and one of the notable saints of the medieval period ... [61]

Clarice ... Medieval English and French form of Claritia ... which may have meant "fame" (from "clarus" meaning famous"), but as a given name probably an elbaoration of Clara. Also an Ebglsih form of the French Clarisse, which is a form of Clarissa. It was borne by a character who appears in some versions of the medieval romances of Roland and other paladins of Charlemagne. [15]

Clarimond ... Medieval French name from Latin "clarus" and German "mund". [4]

Clarissa ... Latin version of Clarice occasionally found in medieval documents and made famous by Samuel Richardson's novel "Clarissa" ... [24]

Clemence ... Medieval French and English form of Clementia ... [7]

Colette ... Diminutive of the medieval name Colle ... [12]

Constance ... Medieval form of Constantia used often in the early Christian and medieval eras ... [30]

Courtney ... which was the nickname of a famous hero from a medieval story who lost the tip of his nose in battle ... [37]

Emma ... A royal name in medieval England ... [26]

Felicia ... of medieval origin ... [30]

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Popularity of Medieval names: Adela, Alison, Amelia, Ava, Cecily, Christian, Christiana, Claire, Clarice, ClarissaPopularity of Medieval names: Colette, Constance, Courtney, Emma, FeliciaComparison of popularity of Medieval names on this page.