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Mighty Names

7 Mighty names that mean mighty for girls, listing Mighty baby names 1-7. Madison, Mafalda, Matilda and Tilda are popular names. Aziza, Chasina and Donalda are uncommon names. View Mighty baby names below for name meanings or search Mighty names for boys.

Aziza ... "Beloved precious; mighty." [2]

Chasina ... "Strong, mighty."

Donalda ... "World mighty." ... [8]

Madison ... "Son of the mighty warrior." ... or surname derived from Matthew (Hebrew) "gift of the Lord" or Matilda (Old German) "mighty in battle" ... [5]

Mafalda ... Variant of Matilda (Old German) "mighty in battle" ... [1]

Matilda ... "Mighty in battle." ... [23]

Tilda Short form of Matilda (Old German) "mighty in battle" ... [7]

Related words: august, canonized, deep, epic, exalted, giant, great, heroic, high, illustrious, immortal, important, infinite, influential, just, large, monster, mountainous, powerful, pretty, prominent, real, renowned, right, strong, sublime, supreme, vigorous. Partial list of 13 results related to mighty below. Click on above related words for more results.

Naomi ... "Do not call me Naomi, call me Mara, for the Almighty has dealt very bitterly with me" ... [10]

Assunta ... Italian name. The feast of the Assumption is celebrated on August 15 ...

Bertha ... A German cannon used in World War I was nicknamed "Big Bertha" after Bertha Krupp ... [21]

Bathilda ... She was canonized for opposing the then-flourishing slave trade ... [8]

Capucine ... French form of an Italian word for a cloak with a deep collar ...

Quirina ... Roman mythology: Romolus (one of the founders of Rome) was deified as Quirino.

Alta ... "High, elevated." ... [2]

Emina ... "Eminent."

Fabiola ... Saint Fabiola (fourth century) was an energetic Roman matron who organized the first hospital for sick and needy pilgrims ... [9]

Armida ... First used in the 16th century by Italian poet Torquato Tasso for a character in an epic poem "Gerusalemme Liberata" ... [1]

Ali ... "Exalted." ...

Sequoia ... Tree name: the giant redwood tree named for a Cherokee Indian of the early 19th century who invented a system for writing down the Cherokee language. [6]

Abia ... "Great."