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161 Modern names that mean modern for girls, listing Modern baby names 1-20. Alana, Alicia, Aline, Alma, Ariel, Arlene, Ashanti, Asia and Audra are popular names. Adelinde, Aloha, Anise, Anthea, Aranrhod, Arden, Audrina, Azalia, Azaria, Azelia and Barcelona are uncommon names. View Modern baby names below for name meanings or search Modern names for boys.

Adelinde ... Modern use is also a blend of Adele and Linda. [4]

Alana ... A rather modern Latinate feminine form of Alan ... [33]

Alicia ... Modern Latinate form of Alice ... [32]

Aline ... Modern use may be a respelling of Aileen ...

Alma ... Modern name. Also the name of a river in the Crimea where the famous 19th-century Battle of Alma was fought ... [2]

Aloha ... Modern name. A form of greeting and farewell in Hawaii.

Anise Modern name from the aniseed plant (Old French "anis", from Latin and Greek) ... [3]

Anthea ... but as a modern given name ... [9]

Aranrhod ... Arianrhod is a modern variant meaning "silver wheel". [1]

Arden ... Most famous in modern times as the surnames of cosmetics queen Elizabeth Arden and actress Eve Arden. [6]

Ariel ... Ariel was also made popular in modern times as the name of the mermaid in Walt Disney's cartoon feature film "The Little Mermaid" ... Arielle is a modern coinage. [11]

Arlene Modern coinage of unclear origin ... [29]

Ashanti ... and also in modern American black families as a link to the African past. ... [15]

Asia ... Modern name ... [7]

Audra ... Modern variant of Audrey ...

Audrina Of modern origin ...

Azalia ... Modern name, a variant of Azalea ...

Azaria ... The -a ending makes it suitable for a girl's name in the modern English-speaking world.

Azelia ... Modern name and variant of Azalia ...

Barcelona ... Also the name of an influential modern chair designed by Mies van der Rohe in 1929.

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