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13 Month names that mean month for girls, listing Month baby names 1-13. April, Avril, June, Maia, Marcella, May, Nana and September are popular names. Annunciata, Aviva, Decembra, Juno and Ziv are uncommon names. View Month baby names below for name meanings or search Month names for boys.

Annunciata ... the logical month for such an announcement. [5]

April ... The month as a given name ... [16]

Aviva ... It was the name of the first month of the Jewish calendar (now called Nisan) which corresponds to March and April. [6]

Avril ... the month name ... [7]

Decembra Month name that refers to the holiday season like Noel.

June Month used as a name ... [6]

Juno ... hence June is known as the bridal month ... [4]

Maia ... The month of May was named in her honor ... [11]

Marcella ... for whom the spring calendar month March was named ... [24]

May ... "The fifth month." The month of May was named for Maia ... [12]

Nana ... Name of a spring month and the name of a star ...

September Month name that is not as common as April, May, or June.

Ziv ... Ziv is also the name of the second month in the Jewish calendar ... the month of celebration of Israel's Independence. [3]

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Bader ... This can mean full moon at the most romantic hour ... [1]

Aisha ... The name is also linked to the moon goddess ... [62]

Aniceta ... Spanish name. Saint Anicetus was a second-century pope and a martyr ... [3]

Abellona ... Apollo is the sun god ...

Bethany ... the name of the village near Jerusalem where Jesus stayed during Holy Week ... [10]

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