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Page 1 of 2. 32 New names related to or that mean new for girls, listing New baby names 1-20. Beryl, Bethany, Dagny, Evangeline, Gina, Harmony, Ilana, Joy, Karma, Neoma and Nova are popular names. Caledonia, Carondelet, Cilicia, Cimarron, Corinthia, Dabney, Delancey, Hebe and Kiri are uncommon names. View New baby names below for name meanings.

Beryl ... the eighth foundation stone of the wall of New Jerusalem was made of beryl ... [Beril, Berri, Berrie, Berry, Beryle, ... 2 more]

Bethany ... From the New Testament description of life in the house ... [Bethanee, Bethaney, Bethani, Bethanie, Bethann, ... 5 more]

Caledonia ... while New Calenonia consists of a group of tiny islands in the South Pacific ...

Carondelet Geography name: street name in New Orleans ... The street was named for a Spanish governor of New Orleans from 1791-1807. [Carondalay, Carondella]

Cilicia Biblical: a province mentioned in both Old and New Testaments ... [Cilicea, Salicia]

Cimarron Place name: a city in Kansas and a river that runs across the Great Plains from New Mexico to Oklahoma ... [Cimeron, Simarron, Simeron]

Corinthia ... Saint Paul wrote two Epistles to the Corinthians that form part of the New Testament. [Korinthia]

Dabney ... used to establish a connection with a 1649 immigrant to the New World named Cornelius d'Aubigny. [Dabnie, Dabny]

Dagny ... "New day." ... [Dagna, Dagne]

Delancey ... Place name: Delancey Street in New York City ... [Delancie, Delancy]

Evangeline ... "Good news." ... [Engie, Eva, Evan, Evangela, Evangelia, ... 7 more]

Gina ... Also used as a prefix to form new variants ... [Geana, Geanndra, Geena, Geina, Gena, ... 13 more]

Harmony ... A new age name. Mythology ... [Harmonee, Harmoney, Harmoni, Harmonia, Harmonie]

Hebe ... Also the name of a type of plant native to New Zealand ...

Ilana ... A name given to girls born on the Jewish holiday "The New Year of the Trees". [Elana, Elanit, Eleana, Eleanna, Ilane, ... 7 more]

Joy ... it generally signifies the parents' joy in their new-born child ... [Gioia, Gioya, Jioia, Jioya, Joi, ... 9 more]

Karma ... New age name ...

Kiri ... Maori opera diva from New Zealand.

Neoma ... "New moon." [Neomah, Nioma]

Nova ... "New." ... [Novella, Novia]

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