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Old French Names

Page 1 of 6. 119 Old French names for girls, listing Old French baby names 1-20. Adela, Adeline, Aimee, Alaine, Alice, Alison, Amber, Amy, Aubrey, Avery and Avis are popular names. Adelie, Agate, Alberga, Allura, Alphonsine, Amabel, Anise, Armande and Auda are uncommon names. View Old French baby names below for name meanings or search Old French names for boys.

Adela (Old German) ... which is from the French Adèle ... [Adalia, Adalie, Adele, Adelia, Adelita, ... 5 more]

Adelie (Old German) ... Adélie is the French elaboration of Adele ... Adélie Land in Antartica was named in 1840 by the French explorer Jules Dumont D'urville in honor of his wife ...

Adeline (Old German) ... See Adelaide. French diminutive of Adela ... [Adalene, Adalina, Adaline, Adallina, Adalyn, ... 20 more]

Agate (Old French) ...

Aimee (Old French, Latin) ... From French "aimer" meaning "to love" ... Used in French since the Middle Ages ... [Aimee, Aimie, Aimey, Amey, Aime]

Alaine (Old German) ... French feminine form of Alain. [Alaina, Alane, Alayna, Alayne, Alaynna, ... 11 more]

Alberga (Old German) ... Also closely related to the French and Italian words for "inn". [Alberge, Elberga, Elberge]

Alice (Old German) ... Variant of the Old French name Adeliz, from Adelaide ... [Adelice, Adelisa, Ailie, Aillie, Allis, ... 95 more]

Alison (Old German) ... Norman French diminutive form of Alice ... [Aili, Alie, Alisann, Alisanne, Alisoun, ... 21 more]

Allura (Old French) ... [Alloura, Allure, Alura]

Alphonsine (Old German) ... French feminine form of Alphonse.

Amabel ... An Old French name ... [Ama, Amabelle, Belle, Mab, Mabel]

Amber Derived via Old French and Latin from Arabic "ambar" ... [Ambar, Ambereen, Amberetta, Ambre, Ambur]

Amy (Old French, Latin) ... Anglicized form of the Old French Amee, meaning "beloved" ... [Aimee, Aimie, Aimy, Amada, Amata, ... 16 more]

Anise Modern name from the aniseed plant (Old French "anis", from Latin and Greek) ... [Aneese, Anis, Anisette]

Armande (Old German) ... French feminine form of Armand or Herman ... [Armanda, Armandina, Armonde, Ormonde]

Aubrey (Old German) ... from Norman French ... [Aubary, Aubery, Aubre, Aubree, Aubreigh, ... 7 more]

Auda (Old French) ... [Aud, Aude]

Avery (Old English) ... Feminine form of Alfred that originated as a Norman French pronunciation of Alfred. [Aeverie, Averi, Averie, Avrie]

Avis (Old German) From a Norman French form of the Old German name Aveza ... [Aveza, Avice]

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Top 1000 ranking of Old French names: Adela, Adeline, Aimee, Alice, Alison, Amber, Amy, Aubrey, Avery, Avis

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