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8 Playwright names related to or that mean playwright for girls, listing Playwright baby names 1-8. Amanda, Carol, Gloria, Tina and Wendy are popular names. Araminta, Oona and Phaedra are uncommon names. View Playwright baby names below for name meanings or search Playwright names for boys.

Amanda ... poets and playwrights brought this name into popular usage in the 17th century ... [15]

Araminta ... Invented by an 18th-century English playwright.

Carol ... playwright Caryl Churchhill. [92]

Gloria ... Supposedly coined by playwright George Bernard Shaw in "You Never Can Tell" (1898) ... [22]

Oona ... Playwright Eugene O'Neill gave this name to his daughter. [2]

Phaedra ... The tale of Phaedra's dark and guilty love has inspired playwrights from ancient to modern times. ... [7]

Tina ... playwright Tina Howe ... [7]

Wendy ... playwright Wendy Wasserstein ... [9]

Related words: choreographer, comedian. Partial list of 12 results related to playwright below. Click on above related words for more results.

Agnes ... Choreographer Agnes De Mille ... [75]

Caroline ... comedian Caroline Rhea. [104]

Callie ... Screenwriter Callie Khoury. [22]

Top 1000 ranking of Playwright names: Amanda, Carol, Gloria, Tina, Wendy

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