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43 Poet names that mean poet for girls, listing Poet baby names 1-20. Althea, Amanda, Amy, Armida, Aurora, Camilla, Christina, Clarinda, Clorinda, Corinna and Cynthia are popular names. Alcina, Aminta, Anthea, Chloris, Cliona, Clodagh, Csilla, Cynara and Dervla are uncommon names. View Poet baby names below for name meanings or search Poet names for boys.

Alcina ... Italian poet Ludovico Ariosto used the name Alcina for a mistress of alluring enchantments and sensual pleasures in the 16th century Orlando poems. [10]

Althea ... The name was revived in the 17th century by poet Richard Lovelace ... [9]

Amanda ... poets and playwrights brought this name into popular usage in the 17th century ... [15]

Aminta ... Aminta was the heroine of a well-known pastoral play by the Italian poet Tortquato Tasso (16th century) of the Renaissance. [5]

Amy ... poet Amy Lowell ... [21]

Anthea ... it was reinvented by English 17th-century poets to symbolize spring. [9]

Armida ... First used in the 16th century by Italian poet Torquato Tasso for a character in an epic poem "Gerusalemme Liberata" ... [1]

Aurora ... Used by 19th-century poets such as Byron and Browning ... [7]

Camilla ... who battles Aeneas in the Roman poet Virgil's "Aeneid" ... [38]

Chloris ... It was used by the Roman poet Horace for one of his loves (see Lalage) ... and was used by Augustan poets of the 17th and 18th centuries ... [4]

Christina ... poet Christina Rossetti ... [117]

Clarinda ... Poet Robert Burns (18th century) also used the name Clarinda in his poems. [1]

Cliona ... was one of the three beautiful daughters of the poet Libra ... [3]

Clodagh ... Clodagh may also be linked to the Latin name Clodia (name of the mistress of the Roman poet Catullus) ...

Clorinda ... Literary named coined by 16th-century Italian poet Torquato Tasso in "Gerusalemme Liberata" (1580) ... [2]

Corinna ... The name was also used by the Roman poet Ovid for the woman in his love poetry ... It was used by English poets in the 16th and 17th centuries ... [41]

Csilla ... From "csillag". The name was created by 19th-century Hungarian poet Mihály Vörösmarty.

Cynara ... Made famous by the late-19th-century English poet Ernest Dowson's line "I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fashion". [1]

Cynthia ... Cynthia was later used by first-century Roman poet Propertius in his love poetry ... but was used in the 16rh century by poets who used Cynthia as a title for Queen Elizabeth I ... [52]

Dervla ... "Poet's daughter." ... [2]

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