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14 Power names that mean power for girls, listing Power baby names 1-14. Ashanti, Aubrey, Jade, Kendra and Stephanie are popular names. Agate, Allura, Bethesda, Brites, Devi, Gitta, Ragnild, Salvia and Ulrica are uncommon names. View Power baby names below for name meanings or search Power names for boys.

Agate ... The agate is a semiprecious stone which was once believed to have numerous magical and curative powers ...

Allura ... which means "power of attraction". [3]

Ashanti ... names associated with the empire bring to mind power and victory ... [15]

Aubrey ... "Elf or magical being, power." ... [12]

Bethesda ... Bethesda pool in Jerusalem was supposed to have healing powers after being stirred by an angel.

Brites ... "Power." ...

Devi ... who is known by various names according to her exercise of power for good or ill ...

Gitta Diminutive of Brigitte (Irish, Gaelic) "strength, power". [1]

Jade ... Jewel name: the green stone which was believed to have the magical power of providing protection against disorders of the intestines ... [24]

Kendra ... or the Old English names Ceneric meaning "bold power" ... and Cyneric meaning "royal power" ... [20]

Ragnild ... "All-knowing power." [10]

Salvia ... which is used for its healing powers and for its aroma as a spice. [2]

Stephanie ... actresses Stephanie Powers, Stephanie Zimbalist ... [49]

Ulrica ... "Power of the wolf; power of the home." ... [11]

Popularity of Power names: Ashanti, Aubrey, Jade, Kendra, Stephanie

Related words: ally, capable, capital, celebrity, charm, country, county, dignity, empire, energy, favor, figure, gift, great, hand, hands, highest, influential, interest, kingdom, land, lion, mighty, mountain, personality, powerful, powers, province, record, reign, republic, right, settlement, state, strength, title, vigorous, virtue, worthy. Partial list of 6 results related to power below. Click on above related words for more results.

Marcella ... Saint Marcella (fourth century) was a cultivated woman of ability who was killed during the sack of Rome ... [24]

Alberta ... [Ally] [30]

Bentley ... "Meadow of bent grass." ... [4]

Deyanira ... "Devastating, capable of great destruction." ... [7]

Asuncion ... Also the name of the capital city of Paraguay. [1]

Althea ... Tennis celebrity Althea Gibson. [9]