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13 Rich names that mean rich for girls, listing Rich baby names 1-13. Lydia is a popular name. Artha, Ashira, Bolanile, Ebba, Elodie, Ishara, Odele, Ophira, Peony, Rica, Saba and Undine are uncommon names. View Rich baby names below for name meanings or search Rich names for boys.

Artha ... "Riches."

Ashira ... "Rich; I will sing." [2]

Bolanile ... "This house's riches."

Ebba ... Also possibly (Old English) "fortress of riches" ... [1]

Elodie ... Also from an Old German name meaning "foreign riches". [5]

Ishara ... "Rich."

Lydia ... Lydia was an area of Asia known for its two rich kings ... [5]

Odele ... Also possibly (German) "rich" ... [11]

Ophira ... Ophir is depicted as a rich source of gold, sandalwood, precious stones ... [2]

Peony ... the peony signifies riches and honor.

Rica ... Also possibly (Spanish) "rich". [12]

Saba ... Biblical: the queen of Sheba is rich and ostentatious. [3]

Undine ... Edith Wharton created a character in "The Custom of the Country" who was named Undine for the hair-curling tonic that made her father rich. [5]

Related words: blooming, bright, brilliant, burning, colorful, dark, dear, deep, exotic, fancy, fertile, fine, flourishing, flowery, fragrant, fruitful, gay, generous, golden, high, lively, musical, pleasant, plenty, precious, pregnant, prosperous, pungent, rolling, smooth, splendid, strong, sweet, warm, wealthy. Partial list of 7 results related to rich below. Click on above related words for more results.

Lydia ... a Christian woman called a "seller of purple" and described as a woman of business, probably affluent ... [5]

Winsome ... "Agreeable." [1]

Marianne ... thus appealing to Catholic families ... [10]

Ardith ... "Blooming meadow." ... [6]

Idelle ... "Bountiful." [2]

Ailbhe ... "White, noble, bright." [4]

Aine ... "Brilliant; happiness." ...

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