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75 Scottish names for girls, listing Scottish baby names 1-20. Aileen, Alison, Annis, Ardis, Blair and Bonnie are popular names. Aberdeen, Adair, Ailie, Ailsa, Ainsley, Alastair, Alesta, Annot, Aoife, Blaine, Bryce, Cailin, Caledonia and Callan are uncommon names. View Scottish baby names below for name meanings or search Scottish names for boys.

Aberdeen (Scottish) ...

Adair ... Also a Scottish surname. [3]

Aileen ... Scottish variant of Eileen ... [41]

Ailie Scottish pet form of Aileen or an anglicized spelling of Eilidh.

Ailsa ... Place name: the tiny Scottish rocky islet Ailsa Craig in the estuary of the river Clyde ... [5]

Ainsley ... Also transferred use of the Scottish surname Ainslie ... [7]

Alastair (Scottish, Greek) ... Scottish variant of Alexander. [3]

Alesta ... Scottish Gaelic variant of Alexandra.

Alison ... and revived in England in the 20th century with a strong Scottish flavor ... [26]

Annis ... May also have developed in the Middle Ages as a mainly Scottish form of Agnes ... [8]

Annot (Scottish) ...

Aoife (Scottish, Irish, Gaelic) ...

Ardis (Scottish, Irish) ... [4]

Blaine ... Saint Blane (seventh century) was a Scottish saint ... [2]

Blair (Scottish, Gaelic) ... Place name. Also a transferred use of the Scottish surname ... [2]

Bonnie (Scottish) ... From the Scottish word "bonnie" and also diminutive of the French word "bonne", meaning "good" ... [17]

Bryce (Scottish)

Cailin ... Possibly a contemporary variant of Cailean (Scottish) ... [5]

Caledonia ... "The Scottish highlands." ...

Callan (Scottish) ... [3]

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