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6 Soap names that mean soap for girls, listing Soap baby names 1-6. Deirdre, Jessenia, Macy, Taylor and Yesenia are popular names. Llesenia is an uncommon name. View Soap baby names below for name meanings or search Soap names for boys.

Deirdre ... Soap opera actress Deirdre Hall. [17]

Jessenia ... originally made popular by the Gypsy title character of a 1970s Spanish soap opera ... [6]

Llesenia ... Probably coined for the gypsy female lead in a 1970s Spanish soap opera ...

Macy ... The name of a character on the soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful" ... [6]

Taylor ... Occupational name. Made popular due to characters named Taylor on the soap operas "The Bold and the Beautiful" ... [3]

Yesenia ... a name made popular by the title character of a 1970s Spanish soap opera ... [5]

Related words: ballet, hit, honey, incense, miracle, mystery, opera, pastoral, play, praise, show, sitcom. Partial list of 14 results related to soap below. Click on above related words for more results.

Alexandra ... Ballet dancer Alexandra Danilova ... [111]

Kayla ... Initial popularity of the name is due to the character named Kayla on the daytime TV drama "Days of Our Lives" ... [25]

Charmaine ... The name found some popularity due to The Bachelor's hit song "Charmaine" in the 1960s ... [27]

Honey ...

Keturah ... "Incense." ... [2]

Meara ... "Jolly, jovial."

Lourdes ... Place name. Miracles of healing are attributed to the place in France where the Virgin Mary reportedly appeared in 1858 to a young girl ... [4]

Fiora ... Maxwell for a lead character in the "Fiddler" series of mystery novels.

Adalgisa ... Italian name. The name of a priestess in Bellini's popular opera "Norma". [3]

Columbine ... Columbine is also a literary character who appears in traditional Italian comedy Commedia dell'Arte and English pantomime as Harlequin's beloved ... [2]

Aminta ... Aminta was the heroine of a well-known pastoral play by the Italian poet Tortquato Tasso (16th century) of the Renaissance. [5]

Alcestis ... In Euripides' play of the same name ...

Eithne ... The source is a term of praise in bardic poetry ... [7]

Candida ... A Roman politician wore a special white toga to show he had these qualities ... [5]

Popularity of Soap names: Deirdre, Jessenia, Macy, Taylor, Yesenia