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Sword Names

3 Sword names related to or that mean sword for girls, listing Sword baby names 1-3. Brandy and Brenda are popular names. Maeve is an uncommon name. View Sword baby names below for name meanings or search Sword names for boys.

Brandy ... Brandi is also an Italian surname form of Brand, meaning "sword" ... [35]

Brenda ... "Sword." ... [14]

Maeve ... the Celtic equivalent of the "Iliad", as "tall, fair.carrying an iron sword" ...

Related words: fighter, knight, point, rival, rough. Partial list of 17 results related to sword below. Click on above related words for more results.

Nixie ... nixies are belligerent toward men.

Egberta ... "Shining blade." ... [5]

Averil ... From the source phrase "eofor hild" with connotations of a ferocious fighter ... [8]

Marian ... Robin Hood's love Maid Marian ... [6]

Ancelote ... the famous knight of the Round Table.

Cadette ... The French word is also the source of the term for students at West Point.

Emilia ... "Rival; laborious; eager." ... [3]

Rhona ... Also possibly from the Scottish place name Rona "rough isle" ... [1]

Popularity of Sword names: Brandy, Brenda, Maeve