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13 Tribe names that mean tribe for girls, listing Tribe baby names 1-13. Cheyenne, Jocelyn, Paris, Sabina, Shawnee, Vanda and Wanda are popular names. Cree, Gypsy, Kalina, Seneca, Shoshone and Zuni are uncommon names. View Tribe baby names below for name meanings or search Tribe names for boys.

Cheyenne ... Name of a Native American tribe ... and the capital city of Wyoming is named after the tribe. [11]

Cree ... Name of a tribe in Canada ...

Gypsy ... The tribe of Romany was called "gypsy" because they were thought to have originated in Egypt ... [3]

Jocelyn ... "A member of the German tribe, the Gauts." ... a pet name for a member of a Germanic tribe, the Gauts ... [44]

Kalina ... Also an Australian aboriginal name that originated with the Wemba Wemba tribe of Northwestern Victoria with the meaning "to love" ... [4]

Paris ... The city was named after the Gallic tribe that founded it, the Parisii ... [4]

Sabina ... The Sabines were a tribe living in central Italy during the time when Romulus and Remus established the city of Rome ... [11]

Seneca ... The Seneca tribe of Iroquois lived in the Finger Lakes area of Western New York state ... [3]

Shawnee ... Name of the tribe that came from the eastern American forests and migrated westward ... [2]

Shoshone ... Name of the tribe also known as the Snake Indians ... [1]

Vanda ... Variant of Wanda (Slavic) "the tribe of the Vandals" ... [4]

Wanda ... "The tribe of the Vandals." The Vandals (or Wendlas) were an ancient Slavonic tribe whose destructive behavior led to the modern term "vandalism" ... [15]

Zuni ... The Zuni tribe lives in New Mexico and are known for their beautiful pottery, weaving, and basketmaking.

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Santana ... Name of a rock band famous in the 60s and 70s. [1]

Precious ... also a reference to the "precious blood of Christ". [2]

Dalia ... "Gentle; slender branch, tendril." ... [7]

Brandy ... Brandi is also an Italian surname form of Brand, meaning "sword" ... [35]

Bridget ... Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Brighid (pronounced "breed"). Mythology ... [72]

Adela ... being the name of a character in Johann Strauss's opera "Die Fledermaus" ... It was also made popular in the 1930s as the name of a character in the novels of Dornford Yates ... [10]

Ayla ... Ayla is the heroine of Jean Auel's "Clan of the Cave Bear" series.

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