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Victorian Names

7 Victorian names that mean victorian for girls, listing Victorian baby names 1-7. Marian, Octavia, Ouida, Pearl, Regina, Ruth and Thomasina are popular names. View Victorian baby names below for name meanings or search Victorian names for boys.

Marian ... and revived in the early Victorian era ... [6]

Octavia ... A clan name of Roman emperors used often in Victorian times. [9]

Ouida ... Used as the pen name of a Victorian romantic novelist named Marie Louise de la Ramée.

Pearl ... while Pearl was used only in the late Victorian era ... [14]

Regina ... Appeared at the end of the Victorian era ... [21]

Ruth ... Her sentiments appealed to Victorian poets ... [8]

Thomasina ... followed by Thomasina in the Victorian era ... [14]

Popularity of Victorian names: Marian, Octavia, Ouida, Pearl, Regina, Ruth

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Ximena ... or an archaic Spanish form of Simone.

Anthea ... Used in the classical period as a byname of the goddess Hera at Argos ... [9]

Amber ... Amber is the English name for a semiprecious gem made from fossilized tree resin ... [5]

Adela ... an ancient name popular in medieval Europe because of the fame of a seventh-century saint ... [10]

Glenna ... A glen is a narrow valley between hills ... [13]

Priscilla ... [Prissy] [19]

Abigail ... under Puritan influence. Abbie, Abbey ... [42]