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11 Bill names related to or that mean bill for boys, listing Bill baby names 1-11. Bill, Bradley, Calvin, Clinton, Cody, Irwin and William are popular names. Hobbes, Madison, Paxton and Rhodes are uncommon names. View Bill baby names below for name meanings.

Bill ... actors Bill Cosby, Billy Crystal, Bill Bixby, Billy Crudup ... designer Bill Blass. [Billie, Billy, Byll]

Bradley ... Senator Bill Bradley ... [Brad, Bradd, Bradlea, Bradlee, Bradleigh, ... 4 more]

Calvin ... More familiar in modern times due to Bill Watterson's cartoon feature "Calvin and Hobbes" ... [Cal, Calvino, Kalvin, Vinnie]

Clinton ... American President Bill Clinton ... [Clint, Clintt, Klint]

Cody ... Use as a given name has been influenced by Buffalo Bill Cody (1846-1917) ... [Codell, Codey, Codie, Kody]

Hobbes ... The popular cartoon stuffed tiger created by Bill Watterson was named after him. [Hob, Hobbs]

Irwin ... clown Bill Irwin. [Erwin, Erwinn, Erwyn, Irwinn, Irwyn]

Madison ... a major contributor to the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights ... [Maddison, Maddy, Madisson]

Paxton ... Actors Paxton Whitehead, Bill Paxton. [Packston, Paxon, Paxten, Paxtun]

Rhodes ... Some famous Rhodes scholars are Senator Bill Bradley and President Bill Clinton. [Rhoads, Rhodas, Rodas]

William ... actors William Hurt, Billy Crudup, Bill Pullman ... Bill Clinton. [Bill, Bille, Billie, Billy, Guglielmo, ... 29 more]

Related words: book, books, buck, calendar, canon, cape, card, charge, declaration, fish, head, headland, law, lex, mount, nose, open, peak, peninsula, performance, pledge, point, post, present, production, rider, rule, ruling, scot, show, skin, star, tongue. Partial list of 9 results related to bill below. Click on above related words for more results.

Dewey ... until the Library of Congress changed the act and all the numbers. [Dewi, Dewie]

Nevin ... "Holy, sacred; little bone; servant of the saint's disciple." ... [Nev, Nevan, Neven, Nevins, Nevon, ... 1 more]

Almanzo ... Surname. Famous from the "Little House" books ...

Almanzo ... Surname. Famous from the "Little House" books ...

Buck ... Actor Buck Henry. [Buckey, Buckie, Buckley, Bucky]

Ashur ... "A month of the Islamic calendar." ... [Asher]

Mark ... The famous author Mark Twain (originally Samuel Clemens) took his name from the call of Mississippi River boatmen: "Mark twain!" meaning that the water was two fathoms deep ... [Marc, Marco, Marcos, Marcus, Marek, ... 12 more]

Buchanan ... "House of the canon." ...

Cope ... "Cape." Probably an occupational name referring to the long cape worn by a bishop of the Catholic or Anglican church.

Top 1000 ranking of Bill names: Bill, Bradley, Calvin, Clinton, Cody, Irwin, Madison, Paxton, William

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