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Burn Names

8 Burn names that mean burn for boys, listing Burn baby names 1-8. Edward, George and Robert are popular names. Blackburn, Bourne, Burns, Burnet and Coburn are uncommon names. View Burn baby names below for name meanings.

Blackburn ... "burn" is the term for a little brook. [2]

Bourne ... Place name. A little stream is called a "burn" in Scotland ... Scottish poet Robert Burns. [7]

Burns ... [Burn] [10]

Burnet ... It may be related to a brook ("burn" in Old English). [3]

Coburn ... "burn" likely refers to a small stream ... [4]

Edward ... actors Edward Norton, Edward Burns. [19]

George ... comedians George Burns, George Carlin ... [33]

Robert ... Especially favored by the Scots due to 14th-century King Robert the Bruce and to poet Robert Burns ... poet Robert Burns ... [30]

Related words: bank, beacon, beam, beck, blaze, blind, bloom, bourn, branch, brand, break, brook, brown, burning, channel, chip, coal, con, cure, cut, desire, dry, fell, fire, flame, fresh, gall, gill, hammer, kill, level, light, martyr, pain, pierce, race, rip, river, rook, shine, shoot, skin, stone, storm, stream, sun, torch, twist, warm. Partial list of 12 results related to burn below. Click on above related words for more results.

Lemuel ... [Lem] [2]

Callan ... or a Scottish surname from "ail" meaning "rock" ... [1]

Norman ... before moving across the English Channel to attack Britain from the south ... [5]

Baker ... [Bake] [1]

Bancroft ... [Bank] [5]

Beacon ...

Kiran ... "Beam of light." [2]

Beck ... Singer Beck. [1]

Orpheus ... died from a snake bite ... [2]

Blaise ... The homonym Blaze means "fire" ... [6]

Cecil ... "Blind; sixth." ... [4]

Gulzar ... "In bloom, flourishing."

Popularity of Burn names: Edward, George, Robert