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67 Character names that mean character for boys, listing Character baby names 1-20. Alvin, Angel, Beau, Blake, Boris, Buster, Byron, Cedric and Clark are popular names. Adlai, Alun, Artemas, Azariah, Bing, Boaz, Breck, Cade, Cadogan, Caspian and Chandler are uncommon names. View Character baby names below for name meanings or search Character names for girls.

Adlai ... Biblical name borne by a very minor character ... [6]

Alun ... It is borne by the character Alun of Dyfed in the "Mabinogi" ...

Alvin ... Radio characters Alvin and the Chipmunks have given the name an irresistably comical cast, however ... [19]

Angel ... as Angel is usually a girl's name (although in Thomas Hardy's 1891 novel "Tess of the D'Urbervilles", a major male character is named Angel Clare.) Both forms are popular in Spanish-speaking countries ... [18]

Artemas ... Biblical: a character mentioned briefly in Saint Paul's letter to Titus ... [9]

Azariah ... From Azarel. Although 28 different biblical characters are known by this name ... [8]

Beau ... Wren's novel "Beau Geste" (1924) or to the character of Beau Wilks in Margaret Mitchell's "Gone with the Wind" (1936). Nowadays ... [6]

Bing ... who was given the nickname after a comic-strip character.

Blake ... Made familiar in the 1980s due to the fictitious character Blake Carrington on the TV series "Dynasty" ... [2]

Boaz ... names of several characters ... [2]

Boris ... who became cartoon character "Boris Badenov" in "The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show" ... [4]

Breck ... A romantic character in Robert Louis Stevenson's "Kidnapped" is named Alan Breck.

Buster ... Also a hugely popular comic strip character of the 1930s called Buster Brown ...

Byron ... the variant form Biron was the name of a character in Shakespeare's "Love's Labours Lost". [10]

Cade ... name of a character in Margaret Mitchell's novel "Gone with the Wind" (1936). [6]

Cadogan ... and two characters in the "Mabinogi" ... [2]

Caspian ... Leweis named a principal character Caspian in one of his "Chronicles of Narnia".

Cedric ... The name was invented by Sir Walter Scott for the character Cedric of Rotherwood in the book "Ivanhoe" (1819) ... [11]

Chandler ... probably due to the character of Chandler Bing on the TV series "Friends".

Clark ... the fictional character of "Superman" fame ... [3]

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