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25 Country names that mean country for boys, listing Country baby names 1-20. Alex, Bill, Brian, Frank, Garth, Merle and Monroe are popular names. Alistair, Ammon, Argento, Brazil, Cork, Cuba, Dardanos, Eldorado, Hale, Parnell, Pernell, Rhodes and Sulayman are uncommon names. View Country baby names below for name meanings or search Country names for girls.

Alex ... Russian form Alek is currently very popular in that country ... [11]

Alistair ... having been borne by three medieval kings of the country ... [8]

Ammon ... Also a place name for a country northeast of the Dead Sea ... [2]

Argento ... The country of Argentina is named for the silver its early Spanish settlers hoped to find there ... [2]

Bill ... Country-western singer Billy Ray Cyrus ... [3]

Brazil Place name of the largest country in South America ... The name may come from the red dye-woods found in the country. [1]

Brian ... He liberated the country from the Danes in 1014 ... [14]

Cork ... and country in Ireland.

Cuba ... since 1959 a Communist country under the control of Fidel Castro ...

Dardanos ... Mythology: the founder of Troy and the surrounding country, Dardania ... [4]

Eldorado ... Place name: the mythical South American country.

Frank ... the country was named France and the tribal name Frank came to mean "Frenchman" ... [8]

Garth ... Country-western singer Garth Brooks ...

Hale ... Nathan Hale was a Revolutionary War hero famous for saying "I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country". [5]

Merle ... Country-western singer Merle Haggard has made this name familiar.

Monroe ... helped define the new country's place in the world ... [3]

Parnell ... "Country bumpkin." ... [2]

Pernell ... "Country bumpkin." ...

Rhodes ... who gave his name to both a country (Rhodesia) and a scholarship fund for outstanding students from England's former colonies to study at Oxford in England ... [3]

Sulayman ... The Turkish sultan Suleiman the Magnificent brought great improvements in civilizartion to his country. [3]

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