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4 District names related to or that mean district for boys, listing District baby names 1-4. Drury, Forbes, Garrick and Macon are uncommon names. View District baby names below for name meanings or search District names for girls.

Drury ... Drury Lane is a famous street in London's theater district ... [Drew, Drewry, Dru]

Forbes ... "Field, district." ...

Garrick ... and he is commemorated with street and building names in the theater district of London ... [Garek, Garreck, Garrik, Garryck, Garryk]

Macon Place name: city in France in the Burgundy wine district ...

Related words: area, borough, city, community, country, county, department, government, ground, hamlet, land, location, parish, place, point, position, province, region, site, soil, space, spot, state, territory, town, village, ward. Partial list of 16 results related to district below. Click on above related words for more results.

Atahualpa ... who ruled the area now known as Peru before the Spanish conquest of the 16th century.

Burgess ... "Freeman of a borough." ... [Burges, Burgiss, Burr]

Alban ... which may be an ethnic name from a city in the Roman Empire called Alba "white" ... [Al, Albain, Alban, Albano, Albany, ... 13 more]

Abbott ... An abbot is the head of a religious community of monks living in a monastery ... [Ab, Abad, Abba, Abbe, Abe, ... 6 more]

Alex ... Russian form Alek is currently very popular in that country ... [Alec, Aleco, Aleck, Alecko, Alek, ... 6 more]

Bourbon Place name: county in Kentucky where the liquor is made ... [Borbon]

Alger ... State Department Official Alger Hiss. [Al, Alga, Algar, Allgar, Allger, ... 4 more]

Lech ... the courageous shipyard worker and labor organizer who led the campaign to bring down the Communist government in Poland.

Antaeus ... a wrestler who was invincible while his feet touched the ground ... [Antaios, Anteo, Anteus]

Hamlet ... Hamlet is the Danish prince in Shakespeare's book ... [Hammet, Hammett, Hammond, Hamnet, Hamnett]

Balfour ... "Grazing land." ... [Balfer, Balfor, Balfore, Ballfour]

Moss ... Variant of Moses or possibly a place name for a mossy locale ...

Parrish ... "Ecclesiastical locality." ... [Parish, Parris, Parriss]

Macedonio ... The name means "location with many gifts".

Honore ... The Faubourg Saint Honoré is a well-known fashionable neighborhood and shopping street in Paris ... [Honorius, Honoratus]

Caeo ... Name of a village and parish in Carmarthenshire (known as the "Garden of Wales") used as a first name in Wales. [Caio, Cayo]

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