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Flame Names

4 Flame names related to or that mean flame for boys, listing Flame baby names 1-4. Brenton is a popular name. Keegan, Uri and Uriel are uncommon names. View Flame baby names below for name meanings or search Flame names for girls.

Brenton ... Bryni is a personal name derived from "bryne", meaning "fire, flame" ... [5]

Keegan ... "Small flame; ardent." ... [7]

Uri ... "My light, my flame." ...

Uriel ... "Angel of light; flame of God." ...

Related words: amor, lothario, romeo, admiration, beacon, beam, beau, beloved, blaze, blind, bloom, brand, burn, candle, coal, color, crimson, dear, desire, devotion, enthusiasm, fire, heart, honey, lamp, light, love, lover, moon, popularity, shine, shoot, sun, swain, torch, worship. Partial list of 16 results related to flame below. Click on above related words for more results.

Ames ... The name may be related to the Latin word for love, "amor" ... [2]

Eros Greek mythology: Eros was the god of love.

Lothar ... The character Lothario in an early 18th-century English play gave this name connotations for awhile of a libertine or a careless seducer of women. [4]

Romeo ... Shakespeare used the name for his tragic young hero in the famous romance "Romeo and Juliet".

Leslie ... Boys' use is probably due to admiration for actors Leslie Howard ... [6]

Agapito ... Spanish name from the Greek word "agape" ... [3]

Baker ... [Bake] [1]

Beacon ...

Kiran ... "Beam of light." [2]

Beal ... Variant of Beau. [4]

Adonis ... Greek mythology: a beautiful youth beloved of Aphrodite ... [5]

Blaise ... The homonym Blaze means "fire" ... [6]

Cecil ... "Blind; sixth." ... [4]

Gulzar ... "In bloom, flourishing."

Ken ... The doll Barbie's boyfriend is named Ken ... [4]

Aeolus ... a brand of church organs was manufactured under the "Aeolian-Skinner" brand name. [3]

Top 1000 ranking of Flame names: Brenton, Keegan, Uriel

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