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59 Greek Mythology names for boys, listing Greek Mythology baby names 1-20. Achilles, Adonis, Aegeus, Aeneas, Aeolus, Aeson, Agamemnon, Ajax, Androcles, Antaeus, Apollo, Ares, Argus, Arion, Astraeus, Bacchus, Cadmus, Caduceus, Comus and Cronus are uncommon names. View Greek Mythology baby names below for name meanings or search Greek Mythology names for girls.

Achilles (Greek) From Achilleus. Mythology ... [15]

Adonis (Greek) ... Greek mythology: a beautiful youth beloved of Aphrodite ... [5]

Aegeus (Greek) ... Greek mythology ... [2]

Aeneas (Greek, Latin) ... From Aineias, from Greek "ainein". Mythology ... [11]

Aeolus (Greek) ... Greek mythology ... [3]

Aeson (Greek) Unknown meaning. Greek mythology ...

Agamemnon (Greek) ... Greek mythology: a mighty warrior and hero who commanded the Greeks at the siege of Troy ... In the typical tragedy of Greek myth ... [2]

Ajax (Greek) Greek mythology: the name of two heroes of the Trojan War as told by Homer's "Iliad" ... was a Greek hero and legendary king of Salamis ... was a Greek hero and legendary king of Locris. [1]

Androcles (Greek) ... Latin mythology: Androcles was a Christian and a mild-mannered slave who once removed a thorn from a lion's paw ... [1]

Antaeus (Greek) Greek mythology: son of the Earth and the Sea ... [3]

Apollo (Greek) ... Mythology: the Greek and Roman god of light, music, and poetry ... Greek translation of the Hebrew word "abaddon", meaning "destroyer". Biblical ... [3]

Ares (Greek) Greek mythology: Ares was the god of war ... He was known as Mars in Roman mythology.

Argus (Greek) ... Greek mythology: a creature with 100 eyes ... [1]

Arion The name of a Greek poet and musician from about 700 BC. Mythology ... [3]

Astraeus (Greek) Greek mythology: Astraeus was one of the Titans ... [1]

Bacchus Greek mythology: Bacchus is the Greek god of wine ...

Cadmus (Greek) ... Greek mythology: Cadmus is the founder of the city of Thebes ... [6]

Caduceus (Greek) Greek mythology: the caduceus was the insignia of Hermes (called Mercury by the Romans) ...

Comus Greek mythology: Comus was the Greek god of mirth and hilarity ...

Cronus Greek mythology: Cronus was the youngest Titan (predecessors of the Greek gods) and father of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, and Demeter ... [1]

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