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Page 1 of 3. 41 Home names related to or that mean home for boys, listing Home baby names 1-20. Andreas, Emery and Enrique are popular names. Agamemnon, Amerigo, Amory, Ardley, Arrigo, Ashby, Barnum, Berkeley, Boston, Concord, Constantine, Delphin, Drury, Eden, Enzo, Hamilton and Hamlet are uncommon names. View Home baby names below for name meanings or search Home names for girls.

Agamemnon ... his daughter Iphigenia was sacrificed before the Trojan war and when he came home from the war ... [Agamemno, Agamenon]

Amerigo ... Variant of Heimrich (Old German) "home ruler" ... founded on the principle of home rule ... [America, Americo, Americus, Amerika, Ameriko, ... 1 more]

Amory ... "Home strength." ... [Aimory, Amery, Amorey, Amry]

Andreas ... The first duty of a man was to protect his home ...

Ardley ... "Home-lover's meadow." ... [Ardly, Ardsley, Ardsly]

Arrigo ... Variant of Amerigo (Old German) "home ruler".

Ashby ... "Ash tree home." ... [Ash, Ashbie, Ashbey, Ashburn, Ashton]

Barnum ... Possibly derived from "Baron's home" ... [Barnham]

Berkeley ... In America probably most famous as the San Francisco suburb that is home to a branch of the University of California ... [Bar, Barklay, Barkley, Barklie, Barrclay, ... 8 more]

Boston ... American use likely refers to the historic city on the Atlantic that is home to many institutions of higher learning.

Concord ... the capital city of New Hampshire and the small town northwest of Boston linked with the American Revolution and later home to a bevy of 19th-century literary figures.

Constantine ... in a bid to legitimize Russia as the new home of Orthodoxy ... [Constans, Constanz, Constant, Constantin, Constantino, ... 5 more]

Delphin ... home of a famous oracle ... [Delfin, Delfino, Delfinos, Delfinus, Delphino, ... 3 more]

Drury ... and also the home of the Muffin Man in a well-known children's song. [Drew, Drewry, Dru]

Eden ... the name of the garden-like first home of Adam and Eve ... [Eaden, Eadin, Edin, Ednan, Edyn]

Emery ... "Home strength." ... [Amerigo, Amery, Amory, Em, Emerey, ... 6 more]

Enrique ... "Home ruler." ... [Enrico, Erico, Errico]

Enzo ... "Home ruler." ... [Enzio]

Hamilton ... May also possibly mean "home-lover's estate" or "hill with grass" ... [Hamel, Hamelton, Hamil, Hamill]

Hamlet ... "Village, home." Derives from a German root that means "home". Literary ... [Hammet, Hammett, Hammond, Hamnet, Hamnett]

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