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21 Honor names that mean honor for boys, listing Honor baby names 1-20. Albert, Austin, Don, Edison, Elmer, Fermin, Herbert, Lee, Marshall, Timothy, Vincent and Wesley are popular names. Chevalier, Gervase, Ninian, Olimpio, Parnell, Plato, Toussaint and Yancy are uncommon names. View Honor baby names below for name meanings or search Honor names for girls.

Albert ... The name was revived in the 19th century mainly in honor of Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha ... [27]

Austin ... The state capital is named in his honor ... [5]

Chevalier ... such as the Legion of Honor in France. [1]

Don ... Use of the Welsh Gaelic surname Donne as a given name may be in honor of John Donne ... [5]

Edison ... The name is used in honor of inventor Thomas Edison. [3]

Elmer ... Used as a given name in America since the 19th century in honor of American Revolution activists Ebenezer and Jonathan Elmer. Literary ... [6]

Fermin ... takes place in honor of a bishop and saint named Fermin. [1]

Gervase ... Possibly means "with honor" or may be derived from "gar" for "spear" ... [11]

Herbert ... is named in honor of Saint Herbert (seventh century) ... [9]

Lee ... Place name. Surname frequently used in the American South as a given name in honor of Confederate general Robert E. Lee ... [2]

Marshall ... Occupational name. Also a law enforcement title and a military title of great honor ... [7]

Ninian ... The name is usually given in honor of a fifth-century Irish saint ...

Olimpio ... Ancient Olympic champions were given the highest seats of honor at public gatherings ... [4]

Parnell ... Use may be in honor of Charles Parnell ... [2]

Plato ... The nickname given the famous Greek philosopher by his teacher in athletics in honor of his broad physique ... [1]

Timothy ... "God's honor." ... [19]

Toussaint ... Used in Haiti in honor of Haitian leader Toussaint L'Ouverture ...

Vincent ... was founded in his honor in the 19th century ... [19]

Wesley ... Used in honor of brothers John and Charles Wesley ... [5]

Yancy ... The name is also used to honor a Southern proslavery politician of the 19th century ... [3]

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