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Hood Names

3 Hood names related to or that mean hood for boys, listing Hood baby names 1-3. Robin and Sherwood are popular names. Finn is an uncommon name. View Hood baby names below for name meanings.

Finn ... Mythology: Finn MacCumhail was a legendary Irish hero (third century) somewhat like the English Robin Hood ... [4]

Robin ... in popular use as a boy's name since the medieval days of Robin Hood ... [5]

Sherwood ... Place name: Sherwood forest that was home to the legendary hero Robin Hood and his men ... [2]

Related words: battler, beast, cap, cloud, cork, crown, devil, dragon, elf, fighter, film, hat, knight, monster, mother, obscure, revolutionary, rival, rodman, roof, rough, shelter, shield, shoe, sword, swordsman, tiger, top, witch, wolf. Partial list of 17 results related to hood below. Click on above related words for more results.

Gunther ... "Battler, warrior." ... [12]

Garron ... and generally refers to an undersized and much-despised beast ... [9]

Arrio ... "Belligerent." [3]

Blade ...

Booth ... [Boot] [4]

Bravo ... [2]

Colt ... The Colt revolving-breech pistol, or revolver ... [3]

Brutus ... The name is only seldom used due to its association with the word "brute". [1]

Baldric ... Baldric is the buffoon sidekick. [4]

Anson ... Baseball great Cap Anson. [3]

Cirrus ... filmy cloud formation.

Antenor ... "Combatant, antagonist." ...

Cope ...

Barry ... Saint Bairre (seventh century) founded a monastery that became the city of Cork in Ireland ... [9]

Covert ... [1]

Derby ... Also the name of a hat with a hard round crown ... [2]

Anthony ... Saint Anthony (third century) was an Egyptian hermit monk who founded the first Christian monastic order and is traditionally renowned for his resistance to the devil ... [32]

Popularity of Hood names: Finn, Robin, Sherwood