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2 Individual names related to or that mean individual for boys, listing Individual baby names 1-2. Emerson is a popular name. Chantrey is an uncommon name. View Individual baby names below for name meanings or search Individual names for girls.

Chantrey ... was an endowment of funds to support the singing (chanting) of masses for an individual's soul. [1]

Emerson ... Ralph Waldo Emerson was a poet and philosopher who wrote about individual freedom and self-reliance which influenced American values ... [1]

Related words: cat, character, creature, distinguished, express, extraordinary, guy, hand, head, human, life, material, nose, organization, personality, point, private, significant, simple, soul, symbolic, whole. Partial list of 18 results related to individual below. Click on above related words for more results.

Felix ... Linked in America with cartoon character Felix the Cat ... [9]

Chapman ... [Chap] [3]

Adlai ... Biblical name borne by a very minor character ... [6]

Duff ... meaning "dark" as a personal characteristic. [3]

Angel ... name for the spirit creatures sent by God to men as His messengers ... [18]

Lemuel ... Biblical: a king mentioned in Proverbs 31 who was given a detailed description of the value and capabilities of a good wife. Literary ... [2]

Ashraf ... "More distinguished."

Donald ... Linked nowadays to the cartoon duck created by Disney ... [1]

Farid ... "Exceptional, unequaled; wide."

Hampton ... Virginia is the oldest English settlement in continuous existence in America ... [1]

Casey ... Made famous by the song about the engineer of the Cannonball Express train, Casey Jones ... [6]

Cyrano ... His talents and his extraordinary nose provided the inspiration for Rostand's popular play "Cyrano de Bergerac" (1897) ... [1]

Comhghall ... "Fellow hostage." ...

Guido ... Variant of Guy.

Benjamin ... "Son of the right hand; son of the south; son of my old age." ... [29]

Abbott ... An abbot is the head of a religious community of monks living in a monastery ... [11]

Christopher ... whose human hero is called Christopher Robin ... [32]

Alaric ... Saint Alaricus (10th century) was the son of a duke who turned to the religious life. [14]

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