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22 Jewish names that mean jewish for boys, listing Jewish baby names 1-20. Elijah, Gabriel and Moses are popular names. Azrael, Balfour, Boaz, Ebenezer, Ephraim, Fox, Gadish, Gentile, Hillel, Lander, Livingston, Maccabee, Maimon, Nissan, Pascal, Seraphim and Shem are uncommon names. View Jewish baby names below for name meanings or search Jewish names for girls.

Azrael ... He appears in both Muslim and Jewish stories.

Balfour ... The Balfour Declaration of 1917 was a declaration of British support for its limited Jewish settlement in Palestine ... [4]

Boaz ... Sometimes used in Jewish families. [2]

Ebenezer ... Biblical: name of a memorial stone set up by the prophet Samuel to mark a critical battle and victory in Jewish history ... [10]

Elijah ... The name is often given to Jewish boys born during Passover ... [15]

Ephraim ... Still a common Jewish given name. [11]

Fox ... As a Jewish name it has been used as an Anglicized form of the Yiddish nickname "fiksl" meaning "fox" ... [2]

Gabriel ... Gavriel is a Jewish variant popular in Russia ... [15]

Gadish ... the Jewish harvest festival that usually falls in October.

Gentile ... The term "gentile" is often used for someone non-Jewish ... [1]

Hillel ... Sometimes used as homage to the first-century Jewish scholar Rabbi Hillel.

Lander ... or from a German/Jewish name for the people of Landau ... [6]

Livingston ... The other is the Jewish surname Lowenstein ... [3]

Maccabee ... Also possibly from a Hebrew phrase meaning "Who is like unto thee among the gods, oh Lord!" This was the surname of a group of Jewish leaders who overthrew Syrian rule in the century before Christ ... [2]

Maimon ... the name of a great Jewish philosopher and scholar from 12th-century Spain. [1]

Moses ... was a Jewish scholar born in Moorish Spain ... law and Jewish theology ... and is popular in Jewish families ... [15]

Nissan ... Name of the first month in the Jewish year ... [1]

Pascal ... the name of the springtime Jewish observance equivalent to the Christian celebration of Easter ... [9]

Seraphim ... In Jewish scriptures ... [6]

Shem ... who according to the Jewish scriptures was one of the three ancestors of the human race after the Great Flood.

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