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Kingdom Names

13 Kingdom names that mean kingdom for boys, listing Kingdom baby names 1-13. Alan, Andrew, Boris, Cedric and Francis are popular names. Athol, Essex, Fife, Hannibal, Kenelm, Navarro, Pagan and Savoy are uncommon names. View Kingdom baby names below for name meanings or search Kingdom names for girls.

Alan ... who was rewarded for his services with vast estates in the newly conquered kingdom ... [25]

Andrew ... appears on the flag of the United Kingdom ... [49]

Athol ... is the only citizen of the United Kingdom entitled to maintain his own private army. [1]

Boris ... The name was borne by a ninth century ruler of Bulgaria who converted his kingdom to Christianity ... [4]

Cedric ... the name of the traditional founder of the kingdom of Wessex ... [11]

Essex ... There was a kingdom of Essex in Anglo-Saxon England.

Fife Originally a Scottish surname for someone from the Kingdom of Fife ... [2]

Francis ... France was originally the kingdom of the Franks ... [36]

Hannibal ... a kingdom in North Africa ...

Kenelm ... Name of a ninth-century king of Mercia (a kingdom predating united England) who was later canonized. [2]

Navarro ... The name of a medieval kingdom in Spain ... [1]

Pagan ... Pagan the Butler (11th century) was a Crusader lord in the Latin Kingdom of Jeruusalem.

Savoy ... There was a kingdom a Savoy whose descendants are the rulers of Italy ...

Popularity of Kingdom names: Alan, Andrew, Boris, Cedric, Francis

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