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32 Kings names that mean kings for boys, listing Kings baby names 1-20. Charles, Christian, Conrad, Cyrus, Darius, Edward, Elijah, Eric, Frederick, Henry, Jeremiah, John and Louis are popular names. Alistair, Aloysius, Ashur, Clovis, Constantine, Lidio and Magus are uncommon names. View Kings baby names below for name meanings or search Kings names for girls.

Alistair ... having been borne by three medieval kings of the country ... [8]

Aloysius ... Sixteen kings of France bore the French form of this name, Louis. [14]

Ashur ... Ashur was used as part of a compound name for various Assyrian kings. [1]

Charles ... adopted by the English especially since the 17th-century reigns of kings Charles I and II ... [27]

Christian ... In Denmark the name has been borne by ten kings since the 15th century ... [26]

Clovis ... and later kings' use of the name Louis probably can be traced back to the dynasty he founded in the fifth century. [4]

Conrad ... and several German kings in the Middle Ages ... [10]

Constantine ... and the name of three kings of medieval Scotland ... [10]

Cyrus ... Derived via the Greek form Kyros of the name of several kings of Persia ... [2]

Darius ... From Dareios, originally a version of the name of various ancient Persian kings ... [7]

Edward ... Used in the royal family by kings of England since before the Norman Conquest ... [19]

Elijah ... The Book of Kings describes many miracles performed for and by him ... [15]

Eric ... which has been borne by nine Danish kings ... [19]

Frederick ... Brought by the Hunoverian kings to Britain ... [39]

Henry ... Norman name that is a favored royal name (for eight kings) of England and France ... [28]

Jeremiah ... Jeremiah compiled and wrote the histories of I and II Kings ... [17]

John ... kings, popes, saints, heroes, villains ... [85]

Lidio ... Lydia was an area of Asia known for its two rich kings ... [2]

Louis ... A name used by 18 French kings and numerous saints ... [16]

Magus ... The three wise men, or kings ...

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