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March Names

6 March names that mean march for boys, listing March baby names 1-6. Marcus, Marquis and Patrick are popular names. Aries, Aviv and March are uncommon names. View March baby names below for name meanings or search March names for girls.

Aries ... Name of the astrological sign for those born from March 21 to April 19. [3]

Aviv ... the first month of the Hebrew calendar which corresponds with March and April ...

March ... the Marches of western England border Wales ... "March" as in "walk" derives from a slightly different root ... Actor Frederic March. [2]

Marcus ... for whom the spring calendar month March was named ... [4]

Marquis ... Originally a title of nobility for aristocrats whose holdings were situated in vulnerable border areas (the Marches) ... [16]

Patrick ... patron of Ireland (fourth and fifth century) whose feast day is on March 17 ... [25]

Related words: beef, border, borderland, boundary, bourn, department, edge, field, frontier, marches, pace, pale, province, rolling, round, side, square, stretch, territory, trek. Partial list of 14 results related to march below. Click on above related words for more results.

Androcles ... When Androcles was later tossed into an arena to face the traditional band of ravenous lions ... [1]

Reuben ... Also a sandwich with corned beef, sauerkraut ... [9]

Hooper ... Occupational name. Hoops are the metal circles used to bind barrels.

Clayborne ... "Brook near a clay-bed; border near a clay-bed." ... [7]

Bray ... "Cry out; borderland." ... [1]

Freeman ... "A free man, one freed from bound servitude to an overlord." ... [7]

Bourne ... Could be from Old French, meaning "boundary, milestone" ... [7]

Bourne ... [Bourn] [7]

Leron ... "The circle." ...

Curragh ... Also the the site of a famous race course.

Alger ... State Department Official Alger Hiss. [9]

Barrett Possibly (Middle English) "dispute, argument" ... [8]

Courtney ... "Domain of Curtis." ... [4]

Virginius ... and as reference to the state known as the Old Dominion rather to virginity. [1]

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