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Page 1. 136 Middle English names for boys, listing Middle English baby names 1-20. Avery and Barrett are popular names. Armstrong, Aston, Bailey, Baxter, Baxley, Belton, Birkett, Birkey, Bond, Booth, Bosley, Boston, Boswell, Bosworth, Bourne, Bray, Brazier and Brewster are uncommon names. View Middle English baby names below for name meanings or search Middle English names for girls.

Armstrong (Middle English) ...

Aston (Old English) ... Place name. Also possibly related to a Middle English personal name Astanus ... Famous for an English sports car ...

Avery (Old English) ... which originated in the Middle Ages from a Norman French pronunciation of Alfred ... [2]

Bailey (Old English) ... in the Middle Ages ... [11]

Barrett Possibly (Middle English) "dispute, argument" ... probably due to the fame of English poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning. [8]

Baxter (Old English) ... which originated in the Middle Ages. [2]

Baxley (Middle English) ... [4]

Belton (Middle English) ... [1]

Birkett (Middle English) ... [6]

Birkey (Middle English) ... [3]

Bond (Middle English, Old English) ... From the Middle English word "bonde" (of German origin) or Old English "bunda" ...

Booth (Middle English, Scandinavian) ... [4]

Bosley (Middle English) ... [4]

Boston (Middle English) ...

Boswell (Middle English) ...

Bosworth (Middle English) ...

Bourne (Middle English) ... [7]

Bray (Middle English, Old French) ... In English as in donkeys bray. [1]

Brazier (Middle English) ... [5]

Brewster (Middle English) ... [2]

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Popularity of Middle English names: Avery, Bailey, Barrett, Baxter, Boston