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Miracle Names

2 Miracle names that mean miracle for boys, listing Miracle baby names 1-2. Nissan and Peleh are uncommon names. View Miracle baby names below for name meanings or search Miracle names for girls.

Nissan ... "Miracle." ... [1]

Peleh ... "Miracle."

Related words: ballet, hit, opera, pastoral, play, show, sign, sitcom, soap, success, wonder. Partial list of 18 results related to miracle below. Click on above related words for more results.

Damian ... ballet dancer Damien Woetzel. [19]

Tarquin ... It has been depicted in poetry and drama in various languages. [3]

Orpheus ... The tragedy of his gallant failure has been made into several operas. [2]

Orlando ... Virginia Woolf wrote a gender-bending fantasy novel "Orlando" ... [9]

Biff ... "To hit." ...

Marvell ... or derived from "marvel" ... [1]

Rune ... They have an aura of mystery as they were translated only recently ...

Amal ... Familiar to Americans as the young hero of Giancarlo Menotti's often-performed opera ... [3]

Arcadio ... which is a type of pastoral paradise ... [9]

Elmo ... The electrical phenomenon sometimes seen in the rigging of ships at sea is called Saint Elmo's fire ... [1]

Androcles ... Shaw later used this tale for a play about Christian faith. [1]

Blaise ... Blaise Pascal was a brilliant 17th-century child prodigy, mathematician, scientist, and philosopher ... [6]

Quimby ... Place name. A woman's estate was a rarity in the Old Norse era. [1]

Hawk ... Hawkeye is a character played by Alan Alda in the popular TV serial M.A.S.H.

Amos ... perhaps because of lingering negative connotations from the highly politically incorrect radio show "Amos 'n Andy" that was popular in the 1940s and 1950s ... [2]

Aegeus ... a shield made of goat-skin that was the sign of Zeus ... [2]

Niles ... Niles Crane in the TV sitcom "Frasier". [2]

Colgate ... Place name. Associated in America with a soap-manufacturing company ... William Colgate of the soap fortune. [1]