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15 Monk names that mean monk for boys, listing Monk baby names 1-15. Anthony and Bruno are popular names. Abbott, Abelard, Baldemar, Filbert, Gall, Mannix, Mendel, Monahan, Monckton, Munchin, Odilo, Pryor and Saffron are uncommon names. View Monk baby names below for name meanings or search Monk names for girls.

Abbott ... An abbot is the head of a religious community of monks living in a monastery ... [11]

Abelard ... he became a monk. [6]

Anthony ... Saint Anthony (third century) was an Egyptian hermit monk who founded the first Christian monastic order and is traditionally renowned for his resistance to the devil ... [32]

Baldemar ... Saint Baldomar was a blacksmith who became a monk ... [4]

Bruno ... Saint Bruno (10th century) was the founder of the Carthusian order of monks. Literary ... [3]

Filbert ... Saint Philibert was a seventh-century monk who gave his name to a nut ... [6]

Gall ... since Saint Gall was one of the many seventh-century Irish monks who brought Christianity back to the continent of Europe after the Dark Ages.

Mannix ... "Little monk." ...

Mendel ... was a 19th-century Austrian priest and abbot of an order of monks. [2]

Monahan ... "Monk."

Monckton ... "Monk's settlement." ... [1]

Munchin ... "Little monk." ... [2]

Odilo ... Saint Odilo was an 11th-century monk and abbott of the influential monastery at Cluny who instituted the observation of All Souls' day on November 2 ... [6]

Pryor ... a prior is the monk in charge of a monastery. [1]

Saffron ... It is also the color of robes worn by monks of some Eastern religions. [3]

Related words: abbot, bar, bear, brother, hermit, monastic, monkey, nun, palmer, pilgrim, priest, religious. Partial list of 5 results related to monk below. Click on above related words for more results.

Abbott ... An abbot is the head of a religious community of monks living in a monastery ... so the original bearers of this name (as a surname) may have worked for an abbot. Also ... the name may have originated as a teasing nickname for a man with the grave and pious attitude associated with an abbot ... [11]

Baird ... [Bar] [6]

Ardal ... "High or bear-like valor." [1]

Aaron ... Moses' brother Aaron was the first high priest of Israel ... [37]

Fitch ... A fitch is a mammal related to the ferret or ermine ...

Popularity of Monk names: Anthony, Bruno