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18 Nature names related to or that mean nature for boys, listing Nature baby names 1-18. Francis and Shad are popular names. Birch, Faunus, Flint, Larch, Lark, Linden, River, Saarik, Shiriki, Skye, Tamarack, Tamarisk, Tern, Tiger, Trail and Vireo are uncommon names. View Nature baby names below for name meanings or search Nature names for girls.

Birch ... A nature name and surname ... [2]

Faunus ... the god of nature ... [1]

Flint ... A name from nature ... [1]

Francis ... Saint Francis of Assisi (12th century) is remembered as the gentle giant who delighted in God's works as revealed by nature ... [36]

Larch ... Nature name: a type of deciduous evergreen.

Lark ... Nature name: larks are playful, lighhearted songbirds.

Linden Nature name: a tall ... [4]

River ... A place and nature name ... [1]

Saarik ... Nature name: a type of thrush ... [4]

Shad ... Also a nature name ... [3]

Shiriki ... Nature name from the Native American tribe.

Skye ... or as a nature name referring to the sky ... [2]

Tamarack Nature name: a common tree also known as a lurch.

Tamarisk Nature name: a small shrub-like tree with blossoms that survives in a variety of climates.

Tern Nature name: a type of marine bird with great stamina ...

Tiger Nature name. Made famous by young golf celebrity Tiger Woods ... [3]

Trail ... giving connotations of the rugged outdoors, nature, and mountains. [1]

Vireo Nature name: a small ...

Related words: attribute, attributes, bent, brand, character, clan, class, color, complexion, creation, cut, earth, figure, fire, genius, grain, kind, material, mind, personality, quality, race, seal, spirit, system, temperament, token, tone, tribe, twist, universe, water. Partial list of 2 results related to nature below. Click on above related words for more results.

Abir ... "Aroma; strong." [3]

Ali ... The name is one of the ninety-nine attributes of Allah proposed by Muhammad as excellent names for boy children ... [1]

Top 1000 ranking of Nature names: Francis, Linden, River, Shad

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