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217 Old French names for boys, listing Old French baby names 1-20. Adolph, Alan, Albert, Alfonso, Alphonse, Anthony, Armand, Arnold and Aubrey are popular names. Abelard, Adalhard, Aimery, Aimon, Algernon, Aloysius, Ansel, Archibald, Arnett, Auberon and Audric are uncommon names. View Old French baby names below for name meanings or search Old French names for girls.

Abelard (Old German) ... Made famous by the 12th-century French philosopher Pierre Abelard ... [6]

Adalhard (Old German) ... Adalard is the French form. [4]

Adolph (Old German) ... French actor Adolphe Menjou ... [13]

Aimery (Old German) ... French name. [6]

Aimon (Old German) ... French name. Also possibly a phonetic variant of the Irish Eamon ... [5]

Alan (Old German) ... Alain (al-LAYN) is French ... [25]

Albert (Old German) ... From an Old French name, Albert ... Aubert is French ... [27]

Alfonso ... Variant of Alphonse (Old German) "ready for battle" ... Alphonse is also a French form. [18]

Algernon (Old French) ... [8]

Aloysius (Old German) ... Sixteen kings of France bore the French form of this name, Louis. [14]

Alphonse (Old German) ... French writer Alphonse Daudet. [23]

Ansel (Old French) ... Also variant of Anselm (Old German) "God's helmet" ... [2]

Anthony ... English form of the old Roman family name Antonius ... Antoine is French ... [32]

Archibald (Old French, Old German) ... [13]

Armand (French) Variant of Herman (Old German) "soldier" ... [13]

Arnett (Old French, English) ... [6]

Arnold (Old French, Old German) ... [21]

Auberon (Old German) ... From an Old French name of German (Frankish) origin ... [4]

Aubrey (Old German) ... From a Norman French form of the German name Alberic ... [15]

Audric (Old German) ... the name of an eighth-century French saint.

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