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56 Red names that mean red for boys, listing Red baby names 1-20. Adam, Carmine, Clifford, Douglas, Elmo, Eric and Jasper are popular names. Admon, Antares, Brazil, Clancy, Edom, Flann, Flannan, Fox, Garnett, Gilroy, Harkin, Leroux and Ormond are uncommon names. View Red baby names below for name meanings or search Red names for girls.

Adam ... he was the first man created from the red earth of Eden ... [24]

Admon ... Also the name of a type of red peony.

Antares ... The name of a giant red star ...

Brazil ... The name may come from the red dye-woods found in the country. [1]

Carmine ... "Carmine" also means "purplish red" from an Aramaic word meaning "crimson". [6]

Clancy ... Surname. Flannchadh is an ancient Irish name meaning "red warrior". [2]

Clifford ... Clifford the Big Red Dog is the hero of many children's books ... [4]

Douglas ... there were two branches of this powerful Scottish clan and family - the Black Douglases and the Red Douglases ... [3]

Edom ... "Red." ...

Elmo ... Also the name of a furry red toddler-monster on the TV series "Sesame Street". [1]

Eric ... Scandinavian legend relates that the Viking sea rover Ericson (son of Eric the Red) landed on the shores of America 500 years before Christopher Columbus ... [19]

Flann ... "Red, ruddy." ... [3]

Flannan ... "Red, ruddy." ...

Fox ... or for someone with red hair ... [2]

Garnett ... "Spear; red like a pomegranate." ... [1]

Gilroy ... "Son of the red-head." [6]

Harkin ... "Dark red." [2]

Jasper ... and red or reddish brown. Biblical ... [4]

Leroux ... "The red-haired one." [1]

Ormond ... Also (Irish, Gaelic) "red" ... [2]

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